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Meet Our Team

The Owners


Howdy y’all! We’re Caleb and Becky Petter with our two beautiful children, Gracie (3 years) and Graham (7 years). West is our home and after venturing away to pursue careers and other adventures, we’ve returned! We’re excited for our children to grow up as we did where life is a bit slower, family is just down the road, and you see friends everywhere you go.

Here’s a little more about us…

Caleb is a West graduate, Class of 2001, and Becky is a Connally graduate, Class of 2002 – true rivals ☺. We met in high school, dated most of our college years and married in 2010. Caleb graduated from Sam Houston State University and currently operates his own HVAC company, Petter Built Heating & Cooling. Becky graduated from Baylor University and for more than a decade led marketing and communications efforts for higher education and public schools.

Opening Heavenly Harvest is truly an answer to steadfast prayer and patience. It’s our mission to provide a caring and supportive environment to grow strong, kind, and courageous children of God. There is a need for more top-notch, quality childcare and the Lord has placed it on our hearts to help provide it for our community and surrounding areas. We’re happy to be back home, surrounded by family and friends, and helping to grow the next generations.

The Best Leadership

Kenna Bettge, Director

Leah Griffin, Office Manager

The Amazing Staff


  • Natalie Bryngleson, Teacher

  • Mercedes Buhl, Assistant Teacher

  • Brandi Cvikel, Teacher

  • Caitlyn Hanna, Assistant Teacher

  • Jennifer Hanna, Teacher

  • Michelle Lawrence, Teacher

  • Lilin Leet, Assistant Teacher

  • Carina Locke, Teacher

  • Marlena Major, Teacher

  • Kathy Matthews, Cook

  • Joyce McCreary, Teacher

  • Carley McLeod, Assistant Teacher

  • Peggy Means, Housekeeping (Floater)

  • Taylor Means, Assistant Teacher

  • Kaci Myers, Assistant Teacher

  • Jolie Olson, Assistant Teacher

  • Patricia Rios, Teacher

  • Stefani Sao, Teacher

  • Mackenzie Schwarz, Teacher

  • Brailey Sterling, Teacher

  • Trinity White, Assistant Teacher

  • Allison Wolf, Sub Teacher (Floater)


Staff Requirements

CPR and First Aid
All staff are required to be CPR and First Aid certified within 30 days of employment and prior to placement in a classroom with children, unless another certified staff member is also present. All staff members must maintain this certification throughout their employment.

Background Checks
All staff and ancillary vendors are required to pass a criminal background check, including fingerprinting, prior to interacting with children. Instances where ancillary vendors are involved, there will always be a school staff member present .

All staff obtain at least 24 hours of training annually. These trainings ensure that our teachers and staff always know current and up to date safety procedures. The training also teaches our staff new techniques for teaching your children.

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